Yesterday as I sat in the Darkness of the tower at the Wycliffe Discovery Center, waiting for the program to begin, I was struck by the statistics that I knew.

There are still around 2000 language groups that are in darkness because they don’t yet have a word of Scripture in their heart language.  That represents over 340 million people.

Then as the lights began to come on one by one as people expressed the difference having the Scriptures in their language had made in their lives, I was reminded that this was indeed a cause worth giving my life to.

One woman said that reading the Bible in the national language was like eating a banana with the skin still on it. but having the Bible in her language was as satisfying and delicious as eating a peeled banana.

Hearing these testimonies of transformation, renewed my excitement to be a part of the ministry of Wycliffe Bible Translators.

[The above post is a module taken from Wycliffe USA resources.  I wanted to share this because it touched my heart.]