This week and next Rachel and I will be attending a conference in Orlando, Florida at the Wycliffe Mobilization Center.  We arrived here last Saturday January 15th and it has been a whirlwind ever since. 

The point of this conference as the title suggest is to “EQUIP” us with the tools to skillfully go forth and perform our first task of Partnership Development as Wycliffe Bible translation missionaries.  This first task will allow us the opportunity to develop integral relationships with people and churches as we seek to gain prayer and financial partners.

The task that is set before us is God sized and we fully expect Him to provide, because we know that Jesus is faithful to finish what he starts.  It takes no more than an investigation of His ministry as recorded in the Gospels to see that the preceding statement is true.

So as we continue to receive instruction for the next stages of our ministry please be praying for us.  That God will proceed us as we go into every one-on-one meeting and speaking engagement in order that the people will be receptive to the call of God to join the great task of “Taking the Bible to the Bibless” of Papua New Guinea.

 Also is you would like more information or would like to partner with us CLICK HERE.