World of Change Part 1

Six days!!… that is how many days are left as we are preparing to leave for Papua New Guinea.  We are super excited and feel extremely blessed to set out on the adventure of serving Jesus and bringing the Bible to the bibleless people of Papua New Guinea.  I will be interesting to see what God has in store for us!

As we have been preparing to leave, I have reflected on some of things that are going to change in our lives and have learned many new things.  And so I have put together an interesting list of the top 10.  Hope you enjoy!

#1 Reusable Everything!

Our little girl Annie is due in early January.  Anything disposable is expensive  to dispose of properly, plus VERY expensive to acquire in PNG, therefore we are using cloth everything (diapers, wipes, nursing pads,  etc)!  I have been learning to use a sewing machine and have made our own wipes, and nursing pads.

#2 No air-conditioning or heat.

PNG is tropical, so during the day it could get  pretty hot, but at night it can also get pretty cold.  We will be learning when to open windows to let air in the house, and when to layer our clothes to stay warm.

#3  Use a solar powered dryer.

Many people have asked us what we will do when washing clothes…will we have a washer and dryer?  We will, but the dryer will be solar powered AKA a clothes line.  Laundry will be washed in the morning, and hung out to dry ASAP because it often rains in the afternoon so the clothes have to come in!

#4 Lots of walking.

We will most likely have no car while we are in PNG.  This means we will walk everywhere! Thankfully Ukarumpa (the town we will be in) isn’t huge, but we will have get in shape very quickly depending on where we are living.  And we are  planning to take some good walking shoes!

#5 No fast food!?

There are no restaurants in Ukarumpa.  So no matter how tired we are at the end of the day, we will be cooking dinner!  We will be making our own bread, granola bars etc.  Maybe I will actually learn how to cook once we move there!!

5 more changes to come in the next post!