7 Months Pregnant and Flying

So… many of you know that I am pregnant with our first child, a baby girl (Annie) due in January. At this point I am 7 months along, and writing this update post in the Hong Kong airport.  We are over halfway to PNG, just 2 more flights to go!   Our last flight was 15 hours, with uncomfortable seats, but great food and service!

I have seen many people post blogs about what people never tell you about being pregnant.  I have one to add that many may never experience.  YOU WILL SWELL UP when flying!!! Now, I have been to Kenya, and all over the U.S. on flights, and never once have my feet swelled up.  Here is a picture of my feet/ankles after the 15 hr. flight.

    Nice and big right!? I have my shoes all the way untied, and still cannot get my feet all the way in.  Matthew has been great the whole flight, massaging my feet, and making sure I walk around enough. I have the feeling it will take quite a while to get back to normal size:) Right now we are sitting in the Hong Kong airport, I have my feet up as high as I can get them right now, and we are waiting to go through our 4th security check of this trip.

On a side note,  Hong Kong has free internet access (yay!) but it cost $3.00 for a coke that isn’t even 20 oz.  No more buying cokes here:)