So I have seen a lot of people over the past month choosing a word for the year. I have been thinking a lot about choosing a word for me and my family, because I think it would be good to have a focus over this next year, with being in the states for part of the year and then moving back to Papua New Guinea. Lots of words were going through my mind: persevere, passion, peace, encourage, prayer, etc.etc. I had reasons for each and every one of them, but nothing felt quite right till this last Sunday —> Balance.

This past weekend, we watched a message from Matt Chandler, and he spoke about having an eternal perspective, and not being being distracted by the things of this earth. I realized that these past few years (especially the last few months) I have been consumed with whatever is coming next in my life. What trip is next and how can I get ready for it? What can I get for our next term in Papua New Guinea? And its just a repeating cycle. I very rarely focus on today, and what I can be doing to make our ministry most effective right now.

So BALANCE it is, I need to find a balance between looking to the future and preparing, and focusing on the here and now. All the while, having an eternal mindset!!!