Woodsy Wednesday: Thirst-Quencher

We have been enjoying warm weather here in Dallas!  After weeks of straight cold, rain, and even some snow, the sun does a lot to warm the heart of this momma!  We are surrounded by families with preschoolers, and everyone goes outside to play together in the afternoons.  Annie has loved making lots of little friends, and I have enjoyed becoming friends with the moms!

Some of our friends.

Some of our friends.

It is crazy how fast it went from being cold, to now being so incredibly warm!  I’m pretty sure that Annie was trying to cool off, hence the dirt all over her face!  While playing one day she rubbed dirt all over her face, and arms…not to mention that her shoes are almost always off while we are outside, such a missionary kid!

Annie's cooling dirt bath.

Annie’s cooling dirt bath.

I don't know why she put it all over her face.

I don’t know why she put it all over her face.

When we come inside, Annie begs, “I want water. Give me water, please!” She has a necessity and desire for something to relieve her dry-mouth. She gets so parched playing hard outside, that water is a must! It is the only thing that will do.  Here she is getting a drink for herself while helping me with dishes one night.

Annie stretching to drink from the faucet.  We offered her a cup, but she wanted to drink from the source.

Annie stretching to drink from the faucet. We offered her a cup, but she wanted to drink from the source.

As the deer pants for streams of water,
so my soul pants for you, my God.
My soul thirsts for God. For the living God.
When can I go and meet with God?

Psalm 42:1-2

The question isn’t about thirst, but that which will quench the thirst that is in each of us.  Annie knows that only water can indulge her physical thirst, and so she seeks it out.  You can’t see it in the photo but she is stretched out and on her tippy toes doing whatever she must for the sweetness of the water.

To understand your souls thirst, and to do whatever you must to quench it.  I tell you our souls are thirsting for Jesus, and nothing else will satisfy.  May we be unable to do anything until we have quenched its desire with the message of HIS Gospel.  Most of us are so blessed to have access to the Bible, we can “drink” straight from the source with little to no hinderance!  But many language communities in Papua New Guinea are unable to assuage their souls thirst as God’s Word isn’t in their own language!

They are not deterred! And so, the ten languages of the Aitape West Translation Project continue to work on translating the “water” of HIS Gospel in their languages.  As the LORD allows us, we will continue to assist them in the endeavor of making His “thirst-quenching” words accessible.

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