LIFE IN PNG: Preparing for the Village

Often times we have people ask us what it is like to live in Papua New Guinea, live in the Jungle, and not have bacon (I made that last one up…;-) ) Questions like these can be rather difficult to answer impromptu, because we it can be hard to sort through all the differences that come to mind and then structure them in a way that is coherent to those who are interested.

So, we thought it would be cool to do a blog series on Life in PNG.   This weeks blog will talk about how we prepare for a village trip. By answering the question: What does it mean to prepare for the village?

Well, we wanted to give you some idea of what it is like…it means dehydrating meats, fruits, and veggies that we want while there (often we are unable to buy fresh fruits and veggies) packing clothes, medicines/first aid, some more food items, and toys/games for the girls and us to keep us busy during down times.  The closest store is a 1.5-2 hour drive, so if we forget something, its hard to buy it anywhere! We keep making our lists, and checking them twice (sorry, couldn’t help myself) gotta make sure we don’t forget anything! As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words” so, to explain it best, here are some pictures of us preparing for our current village trip (1 month in the village).
Preparing Food for Dehydration

This is just one run of our dehydrator, we did more of everything here! We take a lot of vegetables with us to the village!  We like to put dried cherry tomatoes in soups, and on pizzas.  Our dehydrator is filled with 3 trays of carrots, 1 tray of cabbage, 1 tray of peppers, and 4 trays of cherry tomatoes!  See below for how the tomatoes and peppers look after they are finished.
Dehydrated Food & Packing  Things are much smaller, and lighter once they are dehydrated! Since we pay by weight when we fly to the village, every ounce cut out is important! The bottom left picture shows Matthew using our new “jerky gun” to make homemade beef jerky (YUM!)  Bottom right is two nights before we left, we had to get everything packed and weighed, because our aviation department was coming the next day to pick up our luggage.  About 1 hour after this picture was taken, everything was packed and waiting for pick-up!

And our Cuties.

And to end it off, our cuties, who were oblivious to most of the dehydrating and packing since we did it all after they went to bed at night. BUT, are the best thing we take with us everywhere we go!