Woodsy Wednesday: Village “Grub”

Last week on Thursday, our team leader approached me with an opportunity to buy some grubs.  I asked him for what reason I would buy them and he told me, “To eat.”  I figured that I would give it a try, since it is considered a delicacy by many Papua New Guineans in the region that we do Bible translation.  So we proceed to a neighbour’s house who was selling them for five kina (about $1.70).  There were about 50-60 sago grubs in the bowl pictured below.

IMG_2144 In order to cook them, we had to pick them up rip their skin and then drop them in the frying pan.  We cooked them in a base of thick coconut cream.  It turned out alright, as it kinda tasted like sweet corn (also had the same texture).  It is definitely not a dinner that I will ever long for, but I could definitely eat it if offered to me by a generous Papua New Guinean.

Hopefully the video shows up below.  If not I have video evidence that I actually ate some (I ate two entire bowls). Let me know and it it doesn’t and I will get you a link to view it one way or another.