Woodsy Wednesday: Joy from the Bible

A few weeks ago, some of our teammates who are in Papua New Guinea did a promotional event in town near our jungle village spreading the word of what SIL/Wycliffe is doing in the area.  They were able to distribute Jesus Picture Story DVDs, as well as some of the Luke-Acts volumes that have been printed in some of languages of the Aitape West Translation Project.  Among other things they were able to play audio versions of the scriptures we have recorded. And as you can see below it gathered a crowd that wanted to see and hear the Word of God in their language!


Above in the ‘feature photo,’ a man is listening to God’s Word in his own language, quite possibly for the first time! We are excited about the work that is happening in our language project in PNG, because people are responding and finding pleasure in God’s Word.

We hope pictures and stories like these encourage you find ways to help others access God’s Word.  Our project has completed some portions of New Testament Scripture, but we have much that remains translated. If you would like to partner with us in this endeavor visit any of our tabs above. There are many ways to partner some of which are prayer, giving, and going. Together with you, the church, and the LORD we will see everyone find joy in hearing or reading the Bible in the language they have heard from birth.



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