Woodsy Wednesday: Book Blessing!

This past week, one of my friends who served with us here in PNG (they even owned our current house before us!) threw us a book blessing party. 

She is a consultant for Usborne books, and threw a Facebook party for me. Through an event page she created, people were able to buy books for our girls off of a wish-list that I put together, and some people even bought books for themselves! As many of you know consultants like this make money off their commissions, however, my friend donated her entire commission to our Wycliffe ministry. 


To be honest, I never expected anything this big. I figured…we will get a few books, and thats awesome! Everyone was so generous, and after all was said and done, we will be receiving $500 worth of books, plus the donated commission for our ministry!! 

I can’t say enough about Usborne books, and my friend who threw the party. They made everything so easy, and the books are going to be wonderful! I can’t wait for them to make their sea-freight trek to here in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and have my girls enjoy them. 

As you can imagine, its difficult to get books here, especially good quality kids books, so these are very much appreciated! If you want more information about Usborne, or my friend hosting a party for you, please ask! 

This was a really neat way that she partnered with our ministry. And shows us that there are creative ways to support and partner with the work of Bible Translation that we are doing here in PNG. If you have any ideas or creative ways that you could partner with us…Please Let Us Know! 

I’ll do another blog post (probably 5-6 months from now) to show you some of the books we get! 

In the meantime…I hope you enjoyed these old pictures of the girls reading over the years!