Woodsy Wednesday: The past six months!

God is on the move here in our work with the Aitape West Translation Program (AWTP). Over the past six months, there has been the completion of 4 books of the New Testament and the drafting of Philippians in May. This coming August we will be revising the letter of Philippians and drafting parts of John’s Gospel.

But, that is not the only exciting thing going on in our BIBLE TRANSLATION program. There is much LITERACY work going on, which is a vital companion to written Scripture. Literacy workers from each language have produced early reader books to help teach reading skills to adults and children alike. And in May teachers from every language group took part in a workshop helping to produce curriculum in their local language for Elementary school aged children.

Another compatriot of any Bible translation and Literacy work is SCRIPTURE USE. Prior to our Bible translation workshop in August. There will be three single-week Song-Writer workshops for the languages that we work with. In this song-writer workshop they will be using the available scripture portions that we have previously translated to created psalms, hymns and spiritual songs in their individual languages.

Our hopes are that each of the churches will start using these songs in their worship services as together they worship Christ. Another hope is that they will sing or hum these songs, because they are in their language. So that God’s word would sink deep into their souls and transform them from the inside out.

Thank you for partnering with us in this work. Together we are accomplishing much for Christ Kingdom among the eleven languages of the Aitape West Translation program. We are not only translating, teaching reading skills, or Bible study skills, but we are seeing lives transformed by the power of Christ’s word in local languages.

Are you being led to partner in some way with our ministry? CLICK THE PHOTO BELOW and send us a message to see in what ways you could partner with our work of Bible translation.