Hungry for the WORD

On my last trips out to my translators’ village I took with me a pack of things I would need to make it through my short stay. Since I hiked and canoed to their village, the space and weight of my pack limited what I was able to take with me. Therefore I was only able to fit five Audibibles into a wetbag in my pack.

On the Sunday after I arrived I was sitting with some of the men in a hauswin showing them how the AudiBibles work and telling them about which full books and excerpts from the Bible were included on them. A group of women approached me and bought a couple of them as did one of the men.  Many people started showing up with excitement after hearing others listening to God’s Word in their language.

The AudiBibles were quickly sold out and I promised that I would send more AudiBibles back with the translators after I returned to our translation center. I sent ten AudiBibles back with them and the next day I recieved a text from one of them saying:

“The AudiBibles you sent with me yesterday sold out this morning. Many people came to buy them yet they were all gone.  Everyone asked me if I had more but they were sold out.”

As you can see the excitement for the Bible in their language is spreading as each person hears others listening to their newly acquired AudiBibles.